June 23, 2011

HOLY smokes.

It's really been 3 weeks?....

Believe it or not, this was taken by my friend while we were swimming with dolphins. Why people pay $120 for a boat tour to jump out in life jackets and "see the dolphins" I really don't know. We snorkeled out from Electric Beach and swam amid them and it was AMAZING!

Out there in our snorkeling attire! Wish I would've bought an underwater camera to capture this entire adventure.

First Father's Day away from home was weird. Lucky me, I got asked to give a talk! Being homesick has been tough enough but planning an entire talk on my dad was torture. Weirdly I didn't bawl my eyes out like I predicted. Us girls decided to make a little postcard for our dads! What a better place then the temple right? I have made some awesome friends out here.
One of my all time favorite things about being here is having our bikes as our mode of transportation. It is too fun. Also FUNNY story. I've grown up in pretty big cities right? We rode the bus into Waikiki to celebrate our friend's birthday and I had like a panic attack. There were TOO many buildings it made me dizzy. The air smelled weird. I felt claustrophobic with all the people, buildings, and stuff going on. Who knew being here for 3 weeks could change my perspective so much?! I think I am in LOVE with small towns now..
Hopefully the rain lets up so we get some beach time today! The weather here is INSANE.

June 14, 2011


So I have done some amazing stuff while I've been here and I decided I need to write them down before I forget! This will be my list that I'll continuously add/edit as I go throughout my summer adventures.
  • Temple beach, Sunset, Bikini, Pounders, Hukilau (Sunset is my favorite and Pounders has insane waves) 
  • Climbed to the top of the bunker via SKETCHY ladderS (most beautiful view and 100% worth it)
  • Snorkeled @ Shark's Cove
  • Pearl harbor
  • Chinese temple
  • Pali lookout
  • Swam with dolphins @ Electric beach
  • Ted's Bakery
  • Matsumoto's shaved ice
  • Hukilau Cafe (banana pancakes)
  • Baptisms @ Laie temple
  • Bonfires on the beach
  • Swap meet
  • Countless bike rides
  • Capture the flag on the beach (in the ocean @ night. SKETCH)
  • Crab hunting
  • Waikiki trips
  • Sand volleyball

June 6, 2011

Home for the summ sum.

I am proud to call Laie, Hawaii my home for the next 2 months. All I can say is it is BEAUTIFUL here. Growing up in Utah and AZ, I have been missing out! Sheeeesh. Anyways, I love it so much. I got here Thursday but I feel like it has been at least a month. We have done so much already and I have made so many friends! I have met thee nicest people here. I am in love with all the different cultures that are blended into this campus. It is truly amazing. I hope I don't bore you with a million pictures this summer because I am going to take lots!

June 1, 2011


I don't think I can possibly go through another farewell sesh. This week has consisted of toooo many tears.

Sent my jules off to Ecuador. Tearful goodbye#1 (She's doing great! She's called/texted a couple times and is loving it)

Are they the cutest or what? Me and charlie come in from swimming and they had our tea party all set up. For old time's sake.

You're kidding right? This was the cutest thing ever. They each wrote me a note in this little book. I seriously love the Candland family so much. I'm gonna miss them lots and lots. And lots. Tearful goodbye#2

This one was a toughie. Literally, jamie and I have been inseparable the past year or so. If we weren't together, we were either on the phone or texting. This sis knows everything about me. Sometimes I have the worst memory and she remembers things about my life when I can't. Kinda crazy stuff. I've known her since 3rd grade and here we are graduated.... We knew how impossible it'd be to say bye so we refused to. She left on the trek yesterday and won't be back before I leave. The last night we had to hang out, we kept pretending we wouldn't say bye but when it came time to drop her off, we bawled our eyes out. For an hour. Then we called king casey to calm us down and we went to his house til 3 in the a.m. It was a great time and I don't think I've ever cried so hard. Anyways, I love this girl so much and I don't know what I will do without her by my side. 24/7.. love you thing 1!
(If it wasn't clear enough, that was tearful goodbye#3)

Wellp, tomorrow/thursday will be farewell to bern and my folks. There will be no tearful goodbye#4 because my tears are all cried out. I think I'm cried out for life. (Thank goodness. Who knew crying was so exhausting?)

Who knew I was such a cry baby.. Does college do this to everyone? I mean the thing is, college would be my favorite thing ever if I could just take my favorite people along with me.