April 29, 2011

Life is soso weird right now.

  • Graduate in less than a month
  • Have to quit my job
  • Leave for college in 32 days
  • Only 2 more of my night classes
  • The fam is moving to Gilbert
  • Friends are peacin' out. (NY, UT, Ecuador)
  • I'm old?

April 27, 2011

Who sleeps anymore..

Oh my heck, this past  weekend was just great. For our prom "day" activity Q, bern & I drove to Cali and stayed with preston and his fam. Let me just tell you, he is living the life. Let me also tell you that Balboa island is beautiful.

Wanna know my favorite thing ever? Uncontrollable laughter. I'm talkin tears streaming, abs burnin, h core laughter. Bern kept stuttering the entire drive and it was just awesome and created some of that laughter. Oh and I was gonna let you guys keep thinking her name was really bern but it's really Brynn Marie and I love her dearly. One of my best friends and she is seriously the best!

No sleep can really do wonders.. Thursday night, Preston, bern & I pulled the greatest all-nighter. No we didn't do anything too crazy. I mean to be honest we didn't do anything at all. I kid you not, for 6 hours straight we just stared at each other and laughed at nothing and it was the best thing ever. After hours of nonsense we realized the sun was out and we went for a jog around the island. Seriously, life couldn't have been better. We continued on with our day playing at the beach and having great adventures. And did we ever fall asleep? Nope, our energy levels were ridic. Of course we all crashed Friday night though. Man, greaat great day in the history of my days.

Maybe weekends like those make me sorta like high school..

April 19, 2011