July 17, 2011

One happy girl

3 days, 80 hours, 4833 minutes, 289941 seconds until I am on my flight HOME.

July 12, 2011

Once in a lifetime

I have been slacking again.. And wayyy too much has happened.

Tahitian dance competition. Got a little taste of the Tahiti culture and it was the coolest dance ever! I recorded it on my phone but it's being difficult and won't upload..

Wet n' Wild HAWAII!

Saw this guy climb a coconut tree..pretty tight

Seen way too many Samoans. Makes me miss Alisa and Braden..
Lots of trips into Waikiki! And sat outside this beastly Forever 21 more than once. Brutal form of torture! Could honestly buy this entire store but I haven't let myself. Yet

I was so used to being around my nieces and other little kids, whereas here there is none and it's quite depressing. Every time I see one I wanna be home playing with my nieces! (And nephews..if only they lived closer..) This cutest little boy though stole my heart. He came up to me at the bus stop one day and kept showing me all of his tricks..
Interesting 4th..
We attempted to bus up to Turtle Bay Resort for their fireworks. After getting there, we walked around the entire resort and the show was nowhere to be found.. Not to mention we hadn't ate in 12 hours so we were all delirious as heck. We gave up after about 15 minutes and bussed back to Kahuku Grill (hmmmhmm so good)

After Kahuku, we were waiting for the next bus.. Me being sooo sick of waiting for busses the last 6 weeks of my life, I decided we were hitch hiking. They thought I was kidding. Anyways, we hitched a ride in the back of a truck and it was a check off my list! (Saved us $2.50!) Definitely an adventure but probably a one time thing..
Hawaii is beautiful, the people are amazing, and I have learned SO much. Being on your own is an experience that has to come sometime and it's taught me a lot. I am so blessed to be here and to have made the friends I have! My testimony has also grown a million times stronger. My Heavenly Father loves me so much and each one of His children. This is the gospel of Jesus Christ and no matter where you go, you can have the comfort and happiness that it brings. Meeting people from literally all around the world, it has definitely opened my eyes. Hearing their backgrounds, conversions, and cultures, I have grown to love this gospel with all my heart. I have grown to love the temple even more as I have been here and have had some amazing experiences there. The firesides here are RIDICULOUS. I was caught off guard the first time because of how strong the spirit is. I thank my Heavenly Father every day that I was given this opportunity and no one should ever pass up an opportunity to come to school here.
Once in a lifetime opportunity for sure.