September 19, 2012


I can no longer call myself a blogger that's for sure!  When I lived in Hawaii it was such a rollercoaster with probably my highest highs and lowest lows, and I relied on my blog to vent and feel connected to people who were a bijillion miles away. (or so it seemed)  But now that that adventure is in my past, life has simmered down a bit.  Life is still crazy but I guess you could say I just don't crave to blog anymore as I have more of a set routine.

I am still living in Saint George, Utah in thee cutest little apartment which I love.  I love this city/townish vibe I feel here. Who knew I was so obsessed with this place.. So this Fall semester just started back up but I am just working. (still at the Golds Gym daycare and as a delivery driver at Jimmy John's. Stories to come) I lost my scholarship which was a very confusing ordeal, but I will skip those details and just claim that I will live here and work until I can get instate tuition or a scholarship, finish the prereqs for nursing, apply, get accepted, and live happily ever after. If only haha.

Can I just say I have been sooo very blessed with amazing friends and family. Seriously I love them all so much. Shoutout to my best friend Jamie. Yep I am probably tearing up right now. Holy cow she has been there for me through thick and thin and I owe her times a million. She is the one person I can turn to for anything and I think I've said this before but she basically knows more about my life than I can remember myself. Thing 1 just know I love you and could not be more grateful for a friend like you! I'm pretty sure Heavenly Father knew we were going to need each other when we became best friends again Junior Year.
King Casey deserves his own paragraph I just realized. So Jamie, Julie, and I were lucky enough to have the honor to drop King off at the MTC. Wow what an amazing experience! I could not be more proud of him. And in case you were wondering, his letters home have made me laugh just as hard as he does in person! If you have the privilege of knowing this stud, you know that he is the funniest person that has ever existed. And that humor is now entertaining the entire MTC. Speaking of, I honestly loved the experience of seeing the inside of the mysterious mtc gates. And ever since I have been thinking a lot about serving a mission! It became so much more real to me since, and I can turn in my papers in about a year.. craaazy
Here in st g I have met so many people and I love them dearly. My roommate since Spring, Lexi Copley, has become one of my very best friends! Wow I am so grateful for her and the freaking never ending awesome times we have. We are seriously hilarious and probably pee our paints laughing on the daily. Yep she's a keeper friend. From venting about boys and work, to being crazy and funny, to meeting new people, to getting our pina coloda avalanches from Swig, to roadtrips, to game nights, to ignoring people's calls and having anti social nights, to cooking, to gym nights, to singing our hearts out. She is the best.