August 23, 2011

Might bore ya.

I don't know if this is post-worthy, but I'd like to update.

Since being home from school..
-I've slept in way too many days. First "summer" in awhile
-Got to see my sis and her fam from cali
-Swam with the fam once but succeeded to lose my tan way too fast
-LOVED spending time with my nephews/nieces
-Passed my CNA test (just need to transfer it to Hawaii)
-Went coning
-Got my wisdom teeth out and recovered in ehh 2 hours
-Started working at my old job at good ole Bbucks
-Saw 2 movies in a row on a date (my eyes were going to explode)
-Spent a lot of time with the fam
-Met up with old friends
-Gymmed it up for awhile
-Continued to write Elder Harris every week
-Reunited with my best friends
-Many sleepovers and late night chats
-Went to my friend's baptism and loved seeing her so extremely happy
-Tried Thai food and loved it
-Went to mission farewells. Saw high school friends & realized who I will probably keep in contact with..and not
-Listened to Julie talk about her experience in Ecuador, which increased my obsession to do something of the sort next summer
-Made slideshows for my 3 best friends & reminisced on all of our greaat times
-Read The Peacegiver
-Along with my scriptures every night and relate to them now more than ever before
-And for the grand finale, I love being antisocial. Tonight, I sort of ditched my friends to read and be home. And now blog I guess too.

Basically since being home, I have had a true summer. I have loved this needed break but I am getting excited to go back to Hawaii and experience more of this college thing!

August 5, 2011


Even though I'm roomless, I am loving being home so much! Especially after spending my summer in Hawaii and meeting the people I did, I have realized how spoiled rotten I am. My parents love each other so much and have raised us kids so well. I'm not kidding when I say they are the best. I hope to one day be able to create as happy of a home with my eternal companion.

It's also been so great to be back with my friendsies. We are as ridiculous as ever and I love them so much.
Yes, I miss the beaches and amazing experiences byuh has to offer, but boy am I glad to be home for awhile.

Just loved this quote- “People see what you do…God sees why you did it.”