January 30, 2012

One of them days.

I just want to curl up in a blanket, catch up my blog, and maybe watch a movie. 

Member when I posted back when I was in Hawaii and I had five thousand decisions to choose from for this semester? Yeah that seems like ages ago. And thinking now that I considered going to India blows my mind. I could have been in Australia as well. But I chose St. George, Utah! Yeah call me crazy folks. I know without a doubt this is where Heavenly Father would have me be at this point in time. Don't ask me why. All I can tell you is that I am so extremely happy here in good ole st g. Let me introduce you to my apartment.

This right here is Danica Pickett. She is beyond awesome. I am pretty much always peeing my pants laughing when I'm with her.
Sharayah Willard. Head cheerleader here at Dixie and freaking hilarious. She also just cooked us this scrumptious dinner. Yeah we love her.
My actual roommate is Alexi Copley and she is a SWEETHEART. Weirdly we don't have any pictures of us yet but she is the one on my right. Oh and she loves tweeting! Seriously though. Lots.
Jayme Pickett for the grand finale. She is in the picture above on the top far right. She is the mother of E1. She is my busy busy bee and always on the go or running late! Haha we love her.

To say that I was blessed with good roommates would be an understatement. I was secretly really nervous to come to a new college in kind of a random place. But you know what? I have received multiple promptings to get myself here and I'm still not quite sure why.. but all I know is that I am happy and that is good enough for the time being!

January 17, 2012

Momma doc

My mom should make way more money than she does. Let me just say, she knew more than the doc and was a lot more helpful than he was. And I didn't have to pay her a $75 co-pay..

Moving on.
I went to Provo for the 3 day weekend! It was great fun. My roommate and I had a grand road trip and then went our separate ways to stay with our friends for the weekend. 
Jamie's bday din. Words do not describe how grateful I am for her.
Preston threw brynn in the fire. almost.
Oh just dancing like the good souls they are.
Warming up by the fire
We went to Julie's ward and the relief society room REEKED up a storm. Seriously though, mixture of dirty diaper and rotten egg.
"blind date" kinda.

There you have it! I love roadtrips. I love my roommate. I love my friends. I love Utah. And I love that I felt home when I returned to apartment E1.

January 11, 2012


My brain literally hurts.
This semester is going to be tough! And wait it's the 3rd day? awesome. Haha but I freaking love ST G!!! I love my apartment. I love my roommates. I love having my car. I love wearing wintery clothes. I love walking to school. I love my ward. I love it so far!

This weekend my roommate and I are driving down to Provo for the weekend! So that will be super fun and I'm sure it'll be post-worthy. Until then.

January 4, 2012

Hey guys

So I'm back for an update. On thee greatest Christmas break! Seriously though, I am SO blessed. 
Reunited with two of my best friends.
Dyed my hair dark. And got pedis with the mom and sisters! (Sadly, we didn't get a pic with all of us) Just look at my cute prego sis.
Became re-obsessed with my 2 nephews and 2 nieces. 
Yeah, I love them.
My brother Devin got married! It was way too fun to have all of the extended family from both sides gather together. Best feeling being home.
Love him so freaking much. We are the weirdest together and I love it. And I miss living at home together and being so ridiculous. He has always been a good example to me. Love you dev!

My entire fam went to bbucks and it was yummmy. I have missed working there!
Holy DELISH Christmas Eve dinner. (yes I have gained a thousand pounds over break, it's fine)

Christmas Eve is always my fave.
We went on a hayride, looked at Christmas lights, and sang too loud.
If you tell him to say "cheeez" this is the reaction every time. I love my Branson boy!
Brynlee with the speaker! Check out her cutest hat.
I couldn't snap a picture fast enough, but all four grandkids were tackling Braden over and over again at the same time. They were all screaming and dying laughing. Cutest sight I tell ya.
Christmas morning was a blast with all of the kids. And we also received the greatest news that my other sister Jennica is also pregnant:) 2 on the way! Being an aunt is the greaatest I swear.
Many many park trips. Love this picture and love my reesey girl.
We went to the train park in Scottsdale for Branson's bday! It was the cutest place and so much fun. I look up to both Jen and Mitch so much. They are such great examples of parents and hope for a good, fun marriage.
My gorgeous sister Camille. And Brynlee refusing to look at the camera because we couldn't get on her color of train car....
birthday boy!
cutest cousins.
This munchkin would not stop hiking her skirt up.
New Years Eve was spent with these two lovely ladies at the YSA iceskating thing. It was a lot of fun! Minus the fact that I still can not ice skate. Don't judge. Oh and wanna hear how embarrassing my friends are? I was completely reliable on them to get around the rink and they kept asking random boys to help me and I couldn't ever get away fast enough. So one kid literally dragged me around forever and they took off. cracking up. my friends rock..
Just yesterday I went snowboarding with Jules, Brade, and his friend Breanna. So much fun!

Like I said, thee greatest break ever! I had a blast. And the best part was being with my family constantly. I didn't capture some of my favorites with them but almost every night we played games and always stayed up late, laughing hysterically. I love them so much.

Now it is on to new adventures. I don't quite know what to expect at Dixie, but I do know that's where I am supposed to be at this point in my life. I leave Friday.. wish me luck!