February 19, 2012


Almost a month later, and I am still so overwhelmed that I love it so much here. I don't know if I have ever been happier. I feel proud of myself, accomplished, loved, happy, blessed, confident, and excited for my future. I keep having a conversation in my head wondering why I am so incredibly happy here. Sometimes I tell myself that it's just a "high and excitement being in a new place" that will eventually wear off. But in all honesty, I believe this is Heavenly Father's way in telling me this is where I am meant to be. Time for an update!
I'm taking a rock climbing class and I absolutely love it. I'm not good by any means, but it is such a blast every week and it's great trying something new and exciting.

Thursdays have become my favorite day.

My roommate's birthday was a hit. She was out with her fam all day but Danica and I made a 19 out of cupcakes for her to come home to. Then we hit up Menchies and came home, played dress up and danced our little hearts out.
One weekend I went with a group down to Cedar for a dance. Then afterwards we met Chanel's bro and he gave us free Krave!

We went with a group to a bonfire/ night hike adventure. It was great fun!

Now for the big ONE NINE. I celebrated with the parents and alisa in Vegas the weekend before my actual birthday!

 On the drive home, Lexi and I saw a bijillion rainbows it was insane!
On my actualy bday, I woke up to all of our apartment mirrors attacked by my roommates. Seriously love them.
Then I went to Denny's with the roomies for my free birthday breakfast. Had classes, napped, worked. Then I went to the vow with ash, lex, and julia! LOVED it. Then we got Menchies and stayed up chatting way too late. great, great birthday!

Once again, I love it here and as far as I'm concerned, I am here for good. Taking life a day at a time!


  1. i've been looking at all of your facebook photos thinking, man life is good to her right now! and sure enough you're having the best time. happy late birthday!

  2. Ahh I am so happy for you Kate!!!! Wish i could've celebrated with you! LOVE YOU!

  3. How fun! Love all of these images!
    xo TJ