April 8, 2012

Well hello there

It's been quite awhile! First off, happy Easter! Hope all of you had a fabulous sabbath.

I don't have much to say.. Maybe that is the reason for my absence? But anyways, the semester will be coming to a close shortly! And my mind is blown. Time goes by so freaking fast in college I swear. Basically, I still love it here. I go to school. I work at the childcare in Gold's Gym. (And love it. Get to see soo many munchkins) I played on two intramural volleyball teams, which just got over, sadly. I have been on some dates. I've met lots of people. Rekindled some friendships. I love my ward. Went to lots of homecomings and farewells this semester. I made a trip home to AZ. LOVED general conference last week. Overall, life is great and I am one happy girl. I will be staying here this summer, working, and am excited to continue my journey here in st g!

p.s. feeling a tad lazy for pictures.. until next time my friends!


  1. dear kate. i miss you posting. and i saw some pictures of a crazy amazing hike!? i want to know what that was! was that moab??